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From Cad To Reality Blog

In this Blog I will focus on the design and build process and I welcome your valuable inputs on this subject for the purpose of learning

The process whereby an idea, or a scan of an object, is transformed first to a 3D software Model, then to a printable file (which slices the planned Physical object into printable layers), and finally to a finished object is complex. a blend of many skills and experience is necessary for success. In addition, additive fabrication, particularly in metal, requires integration with digital, shop floor, supply chain, and customer-facing processes (particularly in the case of mass customization). What follows is cursory overview of the processes that can be involved. at the high level, initial choices include

  1. What to build

  2. What is needs to do

  3. What it could look like

  4. What to built it from

  5. How to model it digitally to be feasible to print in an additive method

  6. how to build it

  7. how to post process it after printing.

on the next blog I will tackle basic design rules. to all my blog readers I would appreciate sharing your experience and valuable information about additive manufacturing and design for additive manufacturing. so we can all learn and have a fun journey

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